Las Vegas Club Hotel

The Las Vegas Club, according to their marketing department, is all about “real values, real people, and classic fun.” This translates to $2 shooters, $2 hot dog and beer combos, and coin-operated slot machines. It also signifies a compact, 48,500-square-foot casino floor with eighteen table games, including eight blackjack terminals that pay 3:2 for a natural 21.

Las Vegas Club Tables & Games

The Las Vegas Club offers two fundamental blackjack games: a double-deck version dealt by hand and a six-deck version dealt from a shoe. The former, with table stakes of $25$1,000 and a dealer who hits on soft 17, offers a slightly greater chance of winning, as it prohibits doubling down after splitting (DAS), re-splitting Aces (RSA), and surrender, and has a house edge of 0.60 percent. Comparatively, the $5$500 table with six decks permits DAS, but because there are so many more decks in action, the house edge is 0.64 percent.

Since quite some time, the Las Vegas Club has offered a $5 single-deck game with “the world’s most liberal blackjack rules” at a table labeled “The World’s Most Liberal Blackjack Rules.” These rules permit doubling down on three or four cards, grant an automatic win for any six-card hand comprising less than or equal to 21, permit late surrender, and permit unlimited splitting, including of Aces. However, note that a natural blackjack only pays even money, which is hardly a “liberal” rule. The same game is now available at the Las Vegas Club’s sister property, the Plaza Hotel & Casino, but there are stronger single-deck games elsewhere in the city; even 6:5 blackjack is superior to 1:1.


Serious players might want to avoid the few tables that use continuous shuffling machines. A second facet of the blackjack games at the Las Vegas Club to avoid is the “Lucky Lucky” side bet, which pays 2:1 for a final total of 1921 and higher bonuses for combinations like 30:1 for the unsuited 6-7-8 and up to 200:1 for three suited sevens.


What’s Unique?

In many ways, the Las Vegas Club is comparable to the Plaza Hotel & Casino’s “sassy little sister.” All of the entertainment and dining listings on the Club’s website, from Louie Anderson Live to Oscar’s “Beef, Booze & Broads” Steakhouse, are actually located across the street, but what distinguishes the two is the party-like atmosphere created by their location at the head of the Fremont Street Experience canopy, immediately adjacent to a band shell where live music plays nightly. In truth, the runway of the “Fetish” Party Pit at the Las Vegas Club opens directly onto the promenade, making it difficult to determine where foot traffic ends and the casino begins. It is similar to playing baccarat on the street, which can be a lot of fun if you don’t mind all the distractions. In comparison, The Plaza is a complete wallflower.


Royal Benefits for Avid Blackjack Players

The Las Vegas Club introduced the Royal Rewards Players Club loyalty program in July 2013. Every new member receives a free entry into the “Royal Reels $1,000 Daily Slot Tournament,” which features the largest daily tournament prize pool in the downtown area, with 10 daily victors. The program also includes the only loss reimbursement guarantee in the downtown area, covering up to $100 in first-day slot losses. Then, players earn tier credits through table games, slot machines, and video poker to advance from Jack to Queen, King, and Ace. Blackjack players receive tier credits based on the game’s odds and the amount of time spent playing. If you play blackjack for one hour and wager an average of $25 per hand, you will earn 125 tier credits.” Among the membership benefits are hotel room discounts and enhancements, dining and entertainment discounts, and invitations to casino tournaments. Notably, the new program is integrated with the same system as the Plaza Hotel & Casino across the street.


The Inside Perspective

The mere existence of the Las Vegas Club is evidence of Las Vegas’s resiliency, as the city is continuously reinventing itself. The original Las Vegas Club opened in April 1931 and (at least in name) is the sole survivor of that era’s first downtown gambling halls, which included the Boulder Club, which introduced neon signs to Fremont Street, and the Meadows Club, which was once considered “the finest casino in Las Vegas.” Before the current “Vegas Club” building was constructed at 18 Fremont Street in 1961, the original structure was demolished. In 1996, the tower was installed. Since then, ownership has changed hands several times, and the current predominant owner, Tamares Real Estate, allegedly invited “Amazing Jonathan” to participate in the renewal of the Club’s charter. Although a new gift shop and refreshment bar have since opened on the casino floor, all of the Las Vegas Club Hotel and Casino’s guest rooms were closed in April 2013 and remained closed for the remainder of the year, awaiting much-needed renovations.


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