Website Clean-Up, Spam Removal, Search Engine Removal and Restriction Management

Today’s way of mainstream internet use has created a ton of “new problems” for businesses and publishers. Anyone running any kind of website will be aware — from unpleasant experience, I assume — of how widespread unsolicited advertising or submission of useless content serving only the purpose of sneaking in some hoped-for publicity for the benefit of the creator of this annoyance (“Spam”) is these days.

Spamming another person’s website with meaningless and completely off-topic rubbish like that — as seen so frequently from shady SEO ‘experts’ who, in fact don’t know the first thing about their occupation  — is still the rudest thing you can do, and it is the bottom-of-the-barrel of online low life there is. Period.

Dozens of scripts and CMS Plugins needed to be developed to counter that kind of abuse, even changes in Google’s Algorithm have been brought about by it, and many other attempts of solving the problem that spreaded like wildfire all over the internet during recent years. If you need a consultant specializing in cleanup, Spam removal, search engine restriction management, and all kinds of similar recovery measures, check out imageHoppers and talk to a qualified specialist there. Despite all the available solutions and preventative measures, some losers continue doing just that, trespassing on websites and  submitting Comment Spam, not even realizing how useless their methods are. We see it every day on the marquixNET IT Services website, too.

Comment Spam may now even be counter-productive (because of Duplicate Content traps and a whole lot of other reasons). Anyone doing this is only proving one thing: how dumb and incompetent they are, and that they better try finding other ways of making money instead of destroying other people’s content while potentially even defrauding their SEO clients (if they have any) promoting links to websites like that.