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How to Do Website Monetization the Right Way

make money online affiliate commissions

Website monetization is one of those evergreen topics that people keep on asking about. Also it is one of the areas many website owners are already active in — after all, everybody loves making some extra money, Trouble is, though, that you need to do it right, else it’ll hardly be worth your time. Website monetization in general, and affiliate marketing in particular, need to be implemented with the correct approach in order to really make you money.

That’s why I have decided to write down my own experiences — the successes, the failures, and the most valuable experiences I have made along the way. I will also share my knowledge — experience acquired over a period of around 20 years of using the internet for business purposes. It is true that I have internet marketing experience for a longer time than most of today’s internet users have access to the internet at all. Starting in the 1990s, I have advertised my services in appropriate UseNet newsgroups to people interested in my computer parts business and services I ran out of my college dorm room back in the day. From then, I have com a long way and have seen internet search come and slowly develop, long before the days of Google or, let alone, Youtube. So I thought it might be a good idea to share my experiences here.

I have decided to break up this content into separate posts here on marquix.net in order to make access easier and articles more fun to read for subscribers and visitors.

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fraud warning: binary trading platforms are a scam

Scam Alert: Why “Binary Trading” Is Simply Nonsense

WARNING: Never use any Binary Options platform whatsoever, period! Binary trading is betting, not trading, and total nonsense. Binary options through proprietary platforms do not make any economic sense and do not have anything to do with “trading” as it is wholly disconnected from ANY real market.

Trading means being an actor in the market, whose strategy usually is to Buy Low and Sell High in said market, most certainly not on somebody’s proprietary “binary trading” platform that’s wholly disconnected from any real market whatsoever and is NOT AN EXCHANGE, NOT A FOREX MARKET, NOT AN OTC BOARD but, in fact, nothing but some sort of casino

And we all know that the only ones reliably and constantly making money in a casino are the casino operators. Simple as that.

Almost each and every one of the Binary Options platform I have seen out there so far, or heard of from some of my trading friends, is using one algorithm intercept or other in order to either parallel-trade, front run, and/or delay order routing one way or the other. (I admit that parallel-running and similar scams can even occur in conventional and real-world trading though; I once had a very bad, but highly educational (for both sides involved…), encounter with a fraudulent commodities broker at Ironbeam, Inc. in Chicago; but that’s a different story and goes beyond the scope of this article.) Many of them have already been caught red-handed.

On top of all this, almost every trading platforms we have seen so far, whether based in Russia, Cyprus, Dubai, Malta or even more exotic off-shore locations, have cut-throat Terms & Conditions. We haven’t seen one that does not have “surprising” (as in illegal, not in line with consumer protection, UCTA or AGB legislation in any proper country or jurisdiction we know of) at some point or other throughout the usual multiple page long “legal” work the force down the throats of unsuspecting users by “I accept the terms” or similar checkboxes or buttons during platform sign-up.

Anybody promoting something remotely like this in order to make some money in referral payments gives us a chance to debunk this bullshit and hopefully save a few tears for anyone reading this.


support staff at Wordpress.org abusively censoring user posts for no good reason

Abusive Content Moderation at WordPress.org — of all places…


WordPress.org continue their infamous policy of censoring and retrospectively enforcing some nonexistent “policies”. Both despicable practices have been observed for years.

Early Signs of WordPress Staff Incompetence

It all started with WordPress.org moderators removing all content of the www.blogginghacks.com website mirrored from a standalone WordPress installation to their proprietary “WordPress.com” hosting just because they thought that “hacks” referred to something illegal.

Seriously, guys? What is your founder and godfather, Matt Mullenweg, if not a HACKER, you total failures? Are they seriously telling us they didn’t know the difference between hacking and attacking — what an embarrassing pile of losers, as apparently this is the case. So Matt Mullenweg may be a hacker, but he certainly is not a good business man in control of his outfit, else he would deploy some better management practices internal communications, and staff training. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, was never heard of failing to implement or see to it that every detail is working throughout his business.

The Slip-Ups Constantly Go On

And this is not even the only problem you encounter with WordPress.org. Other ones include user account managers being unable (or unwilling) to actually resolve support tickets, look into userID problems, or provide real support for out-of-the-ordinary situations which they lacklusterly ignore until the user gives up on his support request. Another “great” way of managing and organizing your business. Come on, guys!

Hardly any Better than Facebook, Google/Youtube & Friends

So even though Open Source, WordPress is less than ideal, is not a cure-all for the Web or, in fact, anything particularly special. At the end of the day, they behave as badly as Facebook, Twitter, Google, or actually any commercial and proprietary platform out there, just because they believe they can. As a result, WordPress’ overall branding and corporate identity are increasingly blemished — by the stupidity of their representatives and staff or “family”. Some family.


So it turns out the only real solution is going it all alone, i e without the extra flow of visitors from mirroring on WordPress.com and without sharing your views with the “community” on rotten WordPress.org. Which is a pity, not just because humans are looking for companions, networking, and like-minded people, but also because the community always suffers when central actors or functionaries turn rogue. However, engaging in that kind of leftovers of a community just to have your texts deleted for no real reason is clearly a waste of time!

This is what you get for your generosity of giving your time in order to let others know of a fabulous experience with the excellent Photo Video Store WP-Plugin.



Sharing would have been caring but, on WordPress.org, no thank you.

For reference, below is a copy of that (second) Review I wrote for an excellent Plugin. I had to re-write it because they deleted the original (much better and more detailed) one, just because they can and without giving any explanation nor even citing the alleged rule it was said to contradict. Little wonder then that the rant in italics had to be added in order to explain the incompleteness of the text and why WordPress.org’s behavior towards its users is wrong.

Here’s that re-written and deleted-again (second) Review text:

I can just repeat, this is a great Plugin, and I lllove it. The rest of my praise for this fantastic plugin would take too much time to repeat — and in light of “supervisors” and “policy” on here, it’s simply not worth it (explanation below).

<em>Unf, the morons at WP.org removed my review retrospectively for no reason whatsoever (and disabled my account), as they’re known to do when you even mention a word like “hacker” or anything these little pricks deem “inappropriate”, even if it clearly is not! Seriously, at WP of all places (what is Matt Mullenweg if not a hacker)… Then again, it turns out he certainly not a great team leader, else he would get rid of failures like those “support” staffers of his, who simply don’t get it. (Just for the record, there’s a DIFFERENCE between an atacker and someone who writes code, I am surprised I need to explain that HERE.) That one was not even the only incident of that kind, I also had domain names removed on wordpress.com simply because these losers thought “bloggingHacks” referred to any illegal activity. Come on, guys, don’t you know the first thing of what you’re doing here?!</em>