Multicopter or “Drone”?

There is a common misconception in this day in age that all multirotor, RC, or FPV aircraft are “drones” just because they carry a camera or other such payload. when the the truth is, these aircraft have no self-guidance, waypoints or spying capabilities. Today’s media reports on these aircraft like they are spying drones and deadly weapons, when really, they are no more than flying cameras.

The problem and misnomer is similar to the term “hacker”: the reality — and true meaning of the word — is someone who has a passionate interest in computing and programs (“hacks”) on their own computer’s keyboard to solve problems and advance technology for the love of what you can do with it, but the mass media have obscured this original meaning and effectively re-defined the term as if it referred to an attacker or someone who cracks (breaks into) computer systems of someone else.

My advice to you is to not pay attention to the “drone” title multirotor aircraft have received in the recent years. To find out, you might want to purchase an inexpensive small multirotor and find out for yourself. The blade NQX would be your best bet for a starter multirotor.

It all depends on what kind of setup you are looking for. Horizon does do multirotors — a Blade quadcopter is a multirotor, however the manufacturer Horizon brands them as drones in order to keep up with market competition, and to appeal to a different kind of customer. Horizon is a great company: they would normally call this a quadcopter, whereas a company such as DJI would not.