Civil Liberties Not Subject to Wuhan-Virus Martial Law, AG Agrees

Attorney General Bill Bar interviewed by Laura Ingraham on civil liberties and other constitutional matters during the Wuhan-virus crisis on Fox News’ “Ingraham’s Angle”, aired 04/08/2020.

A rare opportunity to listen to the U. S. Attorney General and some of his views on constitutional rights

Commenting on the talk between the Attorney General and Laura Ingraham I just listened to, I have to say that prudence and reasonable approaches are still alive in America. Despite the Democrats’ efforts to Never let a crisis go to waste and thus also turn this one into a weapon for the usual historically-deterministic goings-on of the collectivist global forces (that still don’t get it that the world is hopefully done with this failed model since Ronald Reagan and the end of the Soviet Union, there can still be lots of positive outcomes once the Wuhan virus crisis subdues.

Experts must not be allowed to “declare a crisis” just to then be able and apply sweeping measures

This is the nicest AG I’ve ever seen and, despite of earlier abrasions between him and the President which may even have been quite justified on the AG’s part, he is surprisingly supportive of the President’s measures and policies applied in the run-up and during the current situation. I agree with most the AG and Ms. Ingraham stated about their views on what the Constitution demands, and I believe that when reasonable people and their views prevail that we will do okay going forward.

The real dangers are posed by Wolves Hiding in the Herd

Just let us get rid of Bill Gates and the Gates Tax-Shelter’s (ahem, “Foundation’s) brain-farts and designs for a future THEY think is “okay” for THEM and we will do just fine!

It is also encouraging to see that China is increasingly seen for what it is, and that the focus of the United States is finally shifted towards dealing with the problems this despot country poses to most everyone in the world. [Much of this has been commented on in other posts on this website.] It remains to be seen how the Trump administration will continue to go about the challenges posed by the communist PR China and if this (hopefully) will turn out to run along the lines of Ronald Reagan’s playbook applied towards the USSR during the 1980s.