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If you really love travel, touring videos and everything-outdoors, you’ll likely be inspired by our destination videos, campervan diaries, and the occasional sailing, canoeing and outdoorsy stuff we cover. We have decided to include all touringAV content inside this website and use appropriate tagging in order to orgainze everything in an easy-to-use manner.

To start this project off, we uploaded the latest version of our AP/V (aerial photo and video) result brought home from a tour this summer. This one features Lake Väner in Sweden’s Dalsland and Värmland provinces. The images were shot from a DJI Phantom flying over beautifully coloured woods along the rocky shorelines of Europe’s largest lake (after the Russian Lakes Ladoga and Onega).

Also make sure to check out my stock image portfolio on Shutterstock to download similar RF imagery for re-use, also revealing a few glimpses into how we got there in the first place, traversing Denmark and Northern Germany in summer.

The featured video will be used as the Channel Trailer for touringAV over on YouTube, but there’s more — usually extended versions and Premium or enhanced stuff — available on D.Tube, Vimeo and/or Lbry in order to support these platforms over Google’s own video portal.