Best Solutions for Self-Hosted Contests, Giveaways, and E-mail List Hosting

Finding the best solutions for self-hosting giveaways, contests, and e-mail lists on your own website is gaining importance. Recent changes with may of the established platforms — or even niche offerings — are making it increasingly difficult for small businesses and independent entrepreneurs to find good and affordable solutions for particular marketing tasks in their daily business life.

It is not just YouTube who unilaterally and even retrospectively (and hence unfairly!) for Channels meeting the 10,000 views threshold between September 2017 and early 2018 significantly upped their requirements. Other platforms appear to b e following suit. We just received word of a number of specialist platforms introducing high fees or others ceasing operation of much-liked services altogether.

self-hosted giveaways, opt-in pages, e-mail lists hosting

It appears that, therefore, taking control yourself and self-hosting your business’ core needs, goodwill building functions, and ultimately your property is what makes the most sense in an increasingly locked-down world.

Depending on whether ‘going the extra mile’ is worth it to somebody, there are great entirely self-hosted solutions (hence independent, free from worries about price changes or program cancelations) available. So if you’re like me and happen to like being in control, then look into WordPress-based plugins like ‘Shortstack for WP‘, ‘Simple Giveaways‘, the FatCat Apps Plugin Contests & Giveaways, or add-ons for WooCommerce like WooCommerce Free Gift. The latter is particularly seamless if you already have a self-hosted e-shop.

The above listed, along with other useful functionality like E-mail list management or A/B testing for opt-in or landing pages and other marketing or online-selling functionality, should pretty much take care of all of your online business needs.

Granted, there is a learning curve as well as some admin work involved with using any of these solutions but these may be outsourced, if needed, and the control over your business given back to you by these Plugins is definitely worth the effort. Eliminating any counterparty risk for these parts of your entrepreneurial property is what it all comes down to! There is little use in building a business or goodwill or any other portions of business assets on someone else’s servers where they can all be taken away from you just at the punch of a button.