Beating Adobe’s Stock Photo Prices: marquixHD Site Announcement

We are excited to announce an entirely new set of prices. From 4th of July onward, we will charge a simple flat price of just $9.97 per download. This flat price applies to all image sizes available in the marquixHD shop section of the website and includes all download options (“Small JPEG”, “Medium JPEG”, and “Large JPEG). This new pricing structure includes a significant savings for the “Large JPEG” format. (Buyers will also be refunded manually in case the old and higher prices are automatically charged by the e-shop during an interim period while these new prices are implemented in the online store system.)

Our new prices are designed to match — or rather beat — Adobe’s price model. Prices for stock photos at Adobe have been set to $9.99 per download for single images. It should also be noted, that Adobe, Inc. are earning most of their money by selling proprietary software packages, by profiting from software patents, and by showing utter contempt against anything Open Source and ultimately their customers’ vital interests in order to improve their own bottom line. Following their acquisition of microstock image agency Fotolia, Adobe have announced new prices in order to break into the market — and eventually dominate the stock photography business. To achieve this, they would have to do away with Dreamstime, Shutterstock, Depositphotos, Canstockphoto, Getty Images’ iStock, and a whole bunch of other suppliers, and it will be interesting to watch whether they can manage doing so or how long it will take them. Although a tiny independent site, here at marquixHD we value independence and want to maintain a good image collection and reasonable prices — while offering even better prices than Adobe themselves! While these are admittedly only a tad cheaper, we believe the simplicity of introducing a flat price for all image sizes might appeal to photo buyers. We would also like to stress the ability of coupons for significant rebates and even lower prices. We will also introduce a special line of coupons for “Small JPEG” and “Medium JPEG” images in order to continue offering them at extremely low prices (in the area of a cup of U. S. brand name restaurant coffee). Where the new flat price turns out higher than previous “Small JPEG” or “Medium JPEG” downloads, a coupon should be used to continue buying at these extra-low prices for smaller formats. Buyers are welcome to request coupons from us direct. We will be happy to hear from you and e-mail your coupons for your purchases at marquixHD.