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Why MEGA Cloud Storage Is Also Great for Marketers

MEGA offers a one-of-its-kind solution for securing your stored files, whether for personal or business use. The cloud-storage platform comes with a free Starter Plan, and there are also numerous paid-for plans that scale up to both power users and commercial use requirements.

It’s the much better and smarter option than, say, Google Drive or Dropbox. (Read up on Privacy basics here if you didn’t know that and need to look up why.)

Mega Secure Cloud Storage

It is also worth mentioning that the MEGA secure storage platform seamlessly integrates with a wide range of devices, including NAS devices like QNAP and Synology, and has browser apps as well as standalone apps for all major operating systems. MEGA also offers MEGAcmd, a very neat command-line tool, to address the needs of IT professionals or programmers as well.

For marketers, MEGA Secure Cloud Storage offers a great alternative to much-hated Google Drive and Dropbox — both of which are infamous for their surveillance and lack of real control over user data. (To learn more about these concerns, read DuckDuckGo’s educational articles on Privacy and how to use alternatives to Google products in order to claim back your legitimate self-control over your data on the internet.) MEGA Secure Cloud Storage convincingly and masterfully addresses these concerns and offers an alternative option for all of us who want to be in charge ourselves (rather than any corporations, governments or faceless entities so wholly unrelated to us).

With MEGA Secure Cloud Storage, it is easy to store your Lead Magnet or Free Downloads material online. Simply link to your storage location, and your users and sign-up newcomers can download whatever free gift you’re offering during the onboarding process for your new users.

MEGA Secure Storage is a great offer from the New-Zealand-based startup that had been founded by Kim Dotcom when he came to the country in search for greener pastures.

MEGA offers a unique safety feature where encrypted files — that cannot even be accessed by the company’s tech people — can be safely shared across the internet, including unsafe (unencrypted) simple emails or mobile text messages if need be. This is achieved by cleverly dividing the stored file’s URL into a public part and a private-key part that can be disguised or can be sent separately for security reasons.

Give it a try and see for yourself how this works!

Email Campaigns, Online Marketing: Top-4 Problems and How to Solve Them

There are four major problem areas every marketer has. Online Marketing and Email Campaigns face a number of real-life problems. You need to address them if you want to be successful. That’s why, in this article, we track them down and discuss the best ways to solve them.

These problems are:

  • you’re not sure which provider to use for your traffic generation
  • low quality score — your selected platform claims your ads are low quality which means they rank you lower and/or charge you more
  • your selected provider lets cost spiral upwards
  • you have high click numbers (and PPC cost) but low sales, subscriber counts etc.

Let me get into the above points in more detail and step by step.

Proven Solutions to Real-Life Problems in Online Marketing

There’s a number of real-life problems you need to address if you want your marketing projects to be successful. We track them down here and discuss the best ways to address them.

If you want to make money with a website or with your blog (as well as some other types of online content, from Channels on Youtube to LinkedIn profiles and more), then you’ll find out that the real world looks different from the shiny ads that usually tell you how easy this is and that promise you quick success (if not riches overnight, as that’s what most of them correctly do warn about). What they do not tell you though is that the devil is in the details here as much as that’s the case in so many other areas in real life.

For example, it does not take just 14 minutes to set things up and get going with a new campaign — not even if you happen to actually have an existing audience of a few thousand people! (I am not saying it can’t be done, but I am saying that even with a sound following, for the average Joe it takes a few hours — more realistically, you should plan on 1-2 full work days — to set up your Facebook Ads or Google Adwords campaign (or, ideally, one with some less-monopolistic platform) and really get going.

Here’s why:

If you’re like most of us, you first need to build your audience. Even if you already have one (that you want to grow bigger), you’d have to do a bunch more tweaks and actions than simply uploading a target audience address list to one of those platforms. In real life, you’d also have to modify lots of settings and double-check whether or not old ones are right for your current campaign. And that’s true even in case you’re pretty savvy with one (or many) of those platforms. This is where the problems usually start — mostly because Facebook and Google seem to have forgotten what the web really is and what a web frontend needs to look like (as they increasingly mistake websites and form input with cartoons or, at any rate, needless Flash animations. This takes an extra amount of time (and internet bandwidth, therefore sometimes more delays but in any case more energy than a lean website and graphics card in a machine running your web client would consume) and it serves no real purpose. (Do note that Facebook Ads looked pretty neat — and worked even more neat back when they did not have these useless effects and animation add-ons in the earlier 2000s. I used to do pretty well with those tools back in the day. Today, it’s not so much fun.) Also, the range of “features” has, admittedly, gotten wider these days. This may be good in some ways but, again, it takes so much more time to digest, handle, and finally set up and actually get done with it that one may actually doubt if it’s worth all the extra effort under a true cost-benefit analysis. Then, there is ad review. Which is faster on Facebook than on Google (sometimes it’s done within 15 to 60 minutes or so which is pretty much okay). Then, however, there’s also automatic scripts that continue to “review” your ads for some arcane “violations” of “policies” and what not that are often conjured out of thin air. (Even if they actually happened to be published somewhere in the Terms of Use, yes the ones that you actually “agreed” to after all (really, so you actually do read this garbage?!?), then it could be argued that in at least 50% of incidents they interpret their own stuff wrong, but accuse you — and block your account! — anyway.) If that type of bad luck strikes, then you can add another 2-3 days minimum to your Advertising schedule to get these things sorted out, and you campaign actually going.

So far, so good.

Now you at least have a working online campaign running that advertises your website, your landing page, lead magnet or whatever you have. That’s the one to two days minimum I mentioned above.

Then there is campaign optimization though. And lots of it. Depending on where you run your ads, you’ll have an easier or a hard time figuring out what’s wrong when your ads happen to bring in disappointing results. We will get into more detail in separate articles on this website (that will be linked here, so keep watching for them to be released). If you happen to be on Google which — despite tons of reservations against that provider — I’d still suggest you start out with, then you’re in luck. Or so it seems. The reason being that Google’s algorithms crunch and re-cruch your campaign data and throw a bunch of suggestions at you — do this, delete that, optimize yet another thing, etc-yada-yada. Not so yada-yada though, if you want to be absolutely technical… For following those (somewhat annoying) algorithm-generated suggestions immediately results in improvements of your campaign results with Google. That’s a good thing, isn’t it. Well, that depends. If you believe reality is what Google says it is, then yes, you must be happy with this. If you are a human, and if you on top happen to be able and still think and maybe even outsmart your smart phone then it’s a different story. Still, following Google’s suggestions does work — not necessarily because they are geniuses at Google, but rather because they are so heavily influencing user behavior simply because of Google’s market share that — ultimately as a self-fulfilling “prophecy” — it is correct what they say. Because if the audience is influenced by their getting used to Google’s layout, style and Ads appearance, then your ads will work best if you actually follow this very set of features to the t — because you must properly pitch your content to your audience (or Google’s, to be honest). Anyway this is how things are these days, and you must know it if you want to succeed in this world — or in what has become of it.

Also do note that recommendations, whether automatic or not, are not always in your best interest (which would be advertising to as many users as possible with spending as little as possible) but — more than just occasionally — rather in Google’s or Facebook’s interest — and that would be making an as large as possible profit even if you pay more than necessary per click, per action, per visitor — W-r-i-t-e T-h-a-t D-o-w-n!

By now it should be pretty clear though, that “14 minutes” is a bit cocky and unrealistic, and that things actually take some time when you set your campaigns up for the first time. Even if you’re pretty experienced and you’re doing it for the ump-teenth time, it’ll usually take you a few hours. (Those claimed “14 minutes” apparently mean clicking a new ad text into one of your campaigns if you happen to have everything in place before you even start the clock — maybe because you’re running dozens of campaigns per month or week. But that’s certainly not the average Joe, and that’s why it’s best to use more caution and not have too high an expectation before you set out.)

All this doe not mean it couldn’t be done though. It doesn’t mean that wasn’t fun and it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t profitable. It is. It is all of it.

Just do not expect any wonders just yet.

To read hands-on advice and get actionable information on how to really get your online marketing campaign and your audience-building efforts off the ground, read our other articles on this website and watch selected videos from our video collections and online courses.

Picking the Right Tools: Big Difference Between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

It goes without saying that picking the right tools is essential in social media marketing and email marketing as well as in any other area of your life. Trouble is, with virtual tools it is less obvious whether you’ve got the right or wrong one than it is with, say, a hammer or scissors.

Still, the difference is just as fundamental when it comes to deciding between Facebook Ads and Adwords by Google.

We will co into more detail in the following episodes of this series, as we want to be very clear what to do and when so our subscribers and website visitors have the inside track when it comes to doing online marketing and email list building right.

How to Do Website Monetization the Right Way

make money online affiliate commissions

Website monetization is one of those evergreen topics that people keep on asking about. Also it is one of the areas many website owners are already active in — after all, everybody loves making some extra money, Trouble is, though, that you need to do it right, else it’ll hardly be worth your time. Website monetization in general, and affiliate marketing in particular, need to be implemented with the correct approach in order to really make you money.

That’s why I have decided to write down my own experiences — the successes, the failures, and the most valuable experiences I have made along the way. I will also share my knowledge — experience acquired over a period of around 20 years of using the internet for business purposes. It is true that I have internet marketing experience for a longer time than most of today’s internet users have access to the internet at all. Starting in the 1990s, I have advertised my services in appropriate UseNet newsgroups to people interested in my computer parts business and services I ran out of my college dorm room back in the day. From then, I have com a long way and have seen internet search come and slowly develop, long before the days of Google or, let alone, Youtube. So I thought it might be a good idea to share my experiences here.

I have decided to break up this content into separate posts here on in order to make access easier and articles more fun to read for subscribers and visitors.

Stay tuned and make sure to follow the category/website-monetization slug on here ( or, even easier, subscribe in the box below so you do not miss an update or any new content installments in the series.


wordpress said to power 35% of websites

Configure SMTP by Scott Riley: One of THE Household Names among WP-Plugins

Literally the first thing I run when setting up a new WP install is Scott Riley’s Configure SMTP plugin: going to WP-Plugins, finding it, installing it — and see if I successfully can send that test email.


What Makes This WP-Plugin so Great?

Such a simple and great plugin, using it for years, and I have done WP since the early 2000s on hundreds of installs! Cannot praise enough.


It’s Google’s Fault If Some People See Cannot Send Test Email Errors

And hey, for those of you who are wondering, Configure SMTP does work, always has and continues to do so even if there haven’t been any current updates (turns out, they’re not really needed).


WP plugin Configure SMTP, one of the greatest long-time tools


However, there have been extra hurdles set up on Google’s part lately, so if you haooen to use Gmail for sending that test email that some people report as “not working” in other reviews, then that’s not the Plugin’s but Google’s fault, as these a**ho**s don’t like to be scraped or accessed freely — while they, on the other hand, make it a habit (and their business) to crawl, scrape and be a pest all over the internet in order to free-load and rake in billions in (hence) ill-gotten profits in the process. Just saying…


Summing Up

Anyway, for anything normal and running standards-compliant SMTP servers (i e other than Gmail) the Configure SMTP plugin is still as fantastic as it always was!

Highly recommended.


Editor’s Note: if anyone is still insisting to run their WP emails through Gmail and they get that Error while sending test email, there are other specialized plugins for you out there that have been adapted to Google’s being extra-picky — in that case, try one of those.

What to Write, a FREE guide PDF download by AWeber email marketing

A Handy and FREE Downloadable PDF Guide for Email Lists

I continue to totally like the solutions, functionality and tools provided by and included with the AWeber email-list suite along with its pricing which is very affordable — especially for smaller lists when you are addressing a very narrow, targeted audience or if you’re just starting out.


Of course, AWeber also has its own WordPress Plugin in order to make email-list integration with WordPress-based websites even easier.



Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

Set your email marketing campaigns up for success with the “What to Write” PDF.Here is the link for that FREE How-To guide PDF download (mentioned above) that includes valuable tips and fill-in-the-blank email templates to make getting started even easier.
fraud warning: binary trading platforms are a scam

Scam Alert: Why “Binary Trading” Is Simply Nonsense

WARNING: Never use any Binary Options platform whatsoever, period! Binary trading is betting, not trading, and total nonsense. Binary options through proprietary platforms do not make any economic sense and do not have anything to do with “trading” as it is wholly disconnected from ANY real market.

Trading means being an actor in the market, whose strategy usually is to Buy Low and Sell High in said market, most certainly not on somebody’s proprietary “binary trading” platform that’s wholly disconnected from any real market whatsoever and is NOT AN EXCHANGE, NOT A FOREX MARKET, NOT AN OTC BOARD but, in fact, nothing but some sort of casino

And we all know that the only ones reliably and constantly making money in a casino are the casino operators. Simple as that.

Almost each and every one of the Binary Options platform I have seen out there so far, or heard of from some of my trading friends, is using one algorithm intercept or other in order to either parallel-trade, front run, and/or delay order routing one way or the other. (I admit that parallel-running and similar scams can even occur in conventional and real-world trading though; I once had a very bad, but highly educational (for both sides involved…), encounter with a fraudulent commodities broker at Ironbeam, Inc. in Chicago; but that’s a different story and goes beyond the scope of this article.) Many of them have already been caught red-handed.

On top of all this, almost every trading platforms we have seen so far, whether based in Russia, Cyprus, Dubai, Malta or even more exotic off-shore locations, have cut-throat Terms & Conditions. We haven’t seen one that does not have “surprising” (as in illegal, not in line with consumer protection, UCTA or AGB legislation in any proper country or jurisdiction we know of) at some point or other throughout the usual multiple page long “legal” work the force down the throats of unsuspecting users by “I accept the terms” or similar checkboxes or buttons during platform sign-up.

Anybody promoting something remotely like this in order to make some money in referral payments gives us a chance to debunk this bullshit and hopefully save a few tears for anyone reading this.


support staff at abusively censoring user posts for no good reason

Abusive Content Moderation at — of all places… continue their infamous policy of censoring and retrospectively enforcing some nonexistent “policies”. Both despicable practices have been observed for years.

Early Signs of WordPress Staff Incompetence

It all started with moderators removing all content of the website mirrored from a standalone WordPress installation to their proprietary “” hosting just because they thought that “hacks” referred to something illegal.

Seriously, guys? What is your founder and godfather, Matt Mullenweg, if not a HACKER, you total failures? Are they seriously telling us they didn’t know the difference between hacking and attacking — what an embarrassing pile of losers, as apparently this is the case. So Matt Mullenweg may be a hacker, but he certainly is not a good business man in control of his outfit, else he would deploy some better management practices internal communications, and staff training. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, was never heard of failing to implement or see to it that every detail is working throughout his business.

The Slip-Ups Constantly Go On

And this is not even the only problem you encounter with Other ones include user account managers being unable (or unwilling) to actually resolve support tickets, look into userID problems, or provide real support for out-of-the-ordinary situations which they lacklusterly ignore until the user gives up on his support request. Another “great” way of managing and organizing your business. Come on, guys!

Hardly any Better than Facebook, Google/Youtube & Friends

So even though Open Source, WordPress is less than ideal, is not a cure-all for the Web or, in fact, anything particularly special. At the end of the day, they behave as badly as Facebook, Twitter, Google, or actually any commercial and proprietary platform out there, just because they believe they can. As a result, WordPress’ overall branding and corporate identity are increasingly blemished — by the stupidity of their representatives and staff or “family”. Some family.


So it turns out the only real solution is going it all alone, i e without the extra flow of visitors from mirroring on and without sharing your views with the “community” on rotten Which is a pity, not just because humans are looking for companions, networking, and like-minded people, but also because the community always suffers when central actors or functionaries turn rogue. However, engaging in that kind of leftovers of a community just to have your texts deleted for no real reason is clearly a waste of time!

This is what you get for your generosity of giving your time in order to let others know of a fabulous experience with the excellent Photo Video Store WP-Plugin.



Sharing would have been caring but, on, no thank you.

For reference, below is a copy of that (second) Review I wrote for an excellent Plugin. I had to re-write it because they deleted the original (much better and more detailed) one, just because they can and without giving any explanation nor even citing the alleged rule it was said to contradict. Little wonder then that the rant in italics had to be added in order to explain the incompleteness of the text and why’s behavior towards its users is wrong.

Here’s that re-written and deleted-again (second) Review text:

I can just repeat, this is a great Plugin, and I lllove it. The rest of my praise for this fantastic plugin would take too much time to repeat — and in light of “supervisors” and “policy” on here, it’s simply not worth it (explanation below).

<em>Unf, the morons at removed my review retrospectively for no reason whatsoever (and disabled my account), as they’re known to do when you even mention a word like “hacker” or anything these little pricks deem “inappropriate”, even if it clearly is not! Seriously, at WP of all places (what is Matt Mullenweg if not a hacker)… Then again, it turns out he certainly not a great team leader, else he would get rid of failures like those “support” staffers of his, who simply don’t get it. (Just for the record, there’s a DIFFERENCE between an atacker and someone who writes code, I am surprised I need to explain that HERE.) That one was not even the only incident of that kind, I also had domain names removed on simply because these losers thought “bloggingHacks” referred to any illegal activity. Come on, guys, don’t you know the first thing of what you’re doing here?!</em>

generating free traffic on the web takes time instead of money

Can You Get Free Traffic to Your Blog Posts?

Getting free traffic to someone’s blog posts is one of the most frequently asked questions there is among bloggers, hobbyists, content creators, or even bread-and-butter marketing specialists who are involved in any style of publishing for the web. The question is essential for each and everyone in the above groups as well as for writers and publishers in the physical book as well as software, photography, video and even real-estate or wedding-planner industries.

One of the most common pain points of bloggers and, in fact, anyone publishing for the web

This question about free traffic generation is also a very good, and an ever-changing, one (it’s also an evergreen question when it comes to writing content in general), as it addresses one of the most important pain points of bloggers everywhere and it’s pretty much at the center of what writing a blog post is all about.

It all depends on building an audience for what you’re writing about one way or another.

The most important methods of generating “free” traffic

The well-known saying “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” nicely applies to this situation too. For, in order to get “free” traffic (as in not paid-for or bought-with-ads) you would have to invest a lot of time if you’re unwilling to spend some seed money instead. Depending on how much your time is worth, the expense in time could be even larger than the monetary one. It always depends on how much your time is worth. The time-expensive solutions include

  • organically gathering and nurturing an audience
  • “audience”, and “organic” in particular,  means real human visitors that are really interested and likely to come back for more of your upcoming blog posts
  • they need to be incentivized to having at least a closer look
  • in short, this means not “bouncing” (leaving or closing the tab/window after deciding that it’s “not for them” within a few seconds
  • writing sufficiently good content to achieve the above
  • using good formatting: clean headlines for the subject (keywords and related terms in them), subheadings, external links to related third-party resources
  • include properly post-processed/tagged photos (or even videos) along with alt info entered
  • make sure to use proper tagging as well as keyword-rich page-text content & much more
  • other (off-page) SEO measures (the previous bullet points gave on-page SEO techniques)

Even when done right, do not expect this to make you rich quick as, even in light of search engines having all their monstrous resources indexing at lightning speed these days, you still need to wait for human action to happen in order to continuously build an audience as the desired effect for you.

What’s a search engine, anyway?

Internet search-engine crawler scripts or “robots” navigate the world-wide web and sift through all the information they retrieve, in order to group it into indexed results they make available for search users.

Search engines cause a tremendous waste of energy in the process, with Google alone burning through the power of multiple nuclear plants alone. not to mention their video segment Youtube with an even worse environmental footprint, or all the smaller search engines on top. (But that’s a separate topic from today’s which focuses on how to use that infrastructure as has been set up anyway.)

If it’s “free” traffic, it’ll take time in more than one way

And that still takes as long as it takes, and may or may not be boosted by search engine or Fb algorithms projecting higher-than average initial click numbers into the future resulting in “preferential treatment” of your entry for some time, but can only be maintained when your blog post content is sufficiently good (on spot for your topic/your audience) to warrant continued up-ranking in the “opinion” of those algorithms.

So the better your blog post content is, and the better it matches all of the above, the higher your chances it will yield significant amounts of “free traffic” for your blog post faster.

Best Strategy for Audience Building

There’s a lot of hype around making money online. This hype is as old as the World-Wide Web itself: since the 1990s, people are searching and other people are promoting ways to get this tackled and finally succeed in Getting Rich Quick — which is unlikely to happen, just as it is not possible for alchemists to recreate Gold or for “life-scientists” to replicate any living being, from Sheep Dolly to breeding aborted embryos in China into something new. Doesn’t work, waste of time (and resources).

So — simply let’s not!

What we can do

What we can do though is pursue the best ways there are and that do work and exist — because there are quite a handful…

These range from creating one’s own original content of your own and monetizing it using appropriate means and tools to utilizing other people’s content (with permission of course, just to make it clear what I mean here). Both will help you building an online audience that is increasingly valuable. Do note that all of the above are not ways of Getting Rich Quick though! Rather, these are ways — sometimes still remarkably simple and easy-to-do — to go after it professionally and as part of a longer-term plan.

So, Where’s the Beef? — Let’s get into it…

Now that we got this out of the way, let us get into the methods, tools, and procedures to use in order to get there.

You do not need a fancy website of your own, you do not need a range of complicated products of your own, and you do not need millions in seed capital to get there. That’s the good news. The bad news is that, although it’s easy to do, there are also ways to get it wrong — and get nowhere as a result. It would be wrong to take spammy shortcuts, it would likely be wrong to try and figure it out on your own within a couple days, and it would definitely be wrong to expect that it can all be done within a day or two!

— cont’d, click here for Part II


Civil Liberties Not Subject to Wuhan-Virus Martial Law, AG Agrees

Attorney General Bill Bar interviewed by Laura Ingraham on civil liberties and other constitutional matters during the Wuhan-virus crisis on Fox News’ “Ingraham’s Angle”, aired 04/08/2020.

A rare opportunity to listen to the U. S. Attorney General and some of his views on constitutional rights

Commenting on the talk between the Attorney General and Laura Ingraham I just listened to, I have to say that prudence and reasonable approaches are still alive in America. Despite the Democrats’ efforts to Never let a crisis go to waste and thus also turn this one into a weapon for the usual historically-deterministic goings-on of the collectivist global forces (that still don’t get it that the world is hopefully done with this failed model since Ronald Reagan and the end of the Soviet Union, there can still be lots of positive outcomes once the Wuhan virus crisis subdues.

Experts must not be allowed to “declare a crisis” just to then be able and apply sweeping measures

This is the nicest AG I’ve ever seen and, despite of earlier abrasions between him and the President which may even have been quite justified on the AG’s part, he is surprisingly supportive of the President’s measures and policies applied in the run-up and during the current situation. I agree with most the AG and Ms. Ingraham stated about their views on what the Constitution demands, and I believe that when reasonable people and their views prevail that we will do okay going forward.

The real dangers are posed by Wolves Hiding in the Herd

Just let us get rid of Bill Gates and the Gates Tax-Shelter’s (ahem, “Foundation’s) brain-farts and designs for a future THEY think is “okay” for THEM and we will do just fine!

It is also encouraging to see that China is increasingly seen for what it is, and that the focus of the United States is finally shifted towards dealing with the problems this despot country poses to most everyone in the world. [Much of this has been commented on in other posts on this website.] It remains to be seen how the Trump administration will continue to go about the challenges posed by the communist PR China and if this (hopefully) will turn out to run along the lines of Ronald Reagan’s playbook applied towards the USSR during the 1980s.