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The webinar is titled Avoiding the Most Common (and Costly) Mistakes in Facebook Advertising and helps you spotting a few Facebook Ads default settings that are not really in your best (but Facebook’s) interest. You’ll learn how to avoid paying too much for your Facebook Ads campaigns (which can really add up down the line).

Avoid Costly Mistakes with Facebook Ads Webinar for Facebook Ads Beginners

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Let me explain:  With Facebook Ads, it’s all about targeting your Ads audience. Doing audience targeting right makes a pretty big different when it comes to cost for your Facebook Ads campaigns, as paying for useless clicks — obviously — does nothing but create extra slippage for you (and extra income for the platform operators, here Facebook) that could make your Ads bill rise dramatically. Learn the basics of Facebook Ads first, know how to target your audience and that too broad an audience along with Facebook’s default settings to that effect is not in your best interest, and ultimately learn to run laser-targeted campaigns to correctly narrowed-down audiences like a boss. A few of the tips in this Facebook Ads beginners’ course help you do just that.

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