Integrate Videos in WordPress — Best Tools, Most Powerful Video Solutions for Your Website

Integrating .mp4 videos or video files in any other format to a WordPress website is not difficult anymore. A wide range of powerful tools, feature-rich WordPress plugins for self-hosting, a steadily increasing number of external or cloud-based services, and methods for a combination of both make video hosting really easy today. Free services such as Youtube or the free Vimeo Basic plan also make video integration on your website affordable (often entirely free, other than time spent for setup, deployment, and maintenance).

Due to the frequency of questions around video hosting, how to integrate videos into your own website, video file formats (.mp4, flv, .mjpeg, webm) to use, tools available to integrate video to run on WordPress and many other problems people are asking about, the degree of confusion or uncertainties around running or having videos on your own website is obvious.

To provide a quick overview and help with information about video on WordPress, here’s an easy-to-access quick list of solutions I like best and I use on several of my own WordPress websites if I need to integrate video, photo galleries, video slideshows or other types of images or media files for download or direct presentation inside an eCommerce project, blog or other type of website I have or need to set  up for a client. Links to resources are added (where I have them at hand) or will be added over time (where I need to research or update for new versions or similar).

Hosting Videos on Youtube

You need to pretty much live under a rock if you haven’t heard about Youtube. As about everyone is familiar with Youtube, little wonder that people flock to that platform for conveniently and easily upload their videos (and sometimes other stuff) to that place. Due to its dual nature as a well-known location for storage of video files and for search,Youtube is good for generating traffic organically by attracting human visitors to your content. This fact opens up additional options for directing and using that traffic for audience building. (I cover this wider subject in separate articles). For the purpose of having your videos somewhere, it is enough you know where to find the Upload Video button on Youtube that can get you going fast.

Hosting Videos on Vimeo

Vimeo is the next best-known platform for video hosting. Other than Google-owned Youtube, Vimeo does not, and has no intention to, also double as a search engine but focuses on different sets of features. Vimeo's video features go far beyond what you could do on or with Youtube. For your own video content, the most interesting feature might be the option of controlling who exactly should have access to your videos, which can be done using Vimeo’s Video Privacy settings. An apparent use of these would be hosting non-public bonus content as well as paid-for video content on Vimeo, which is actually possible and a popular solution among more sophisticated video content creators. Also, Vimeo's End-Screen options which are excellent and much more useful than Youtube’s somewhat limited “End Cards” that are severely restricted because Google does not want to allow you too many traffic re-routing options they cannot control through their own mafia-style infrastructure (in order to corner the market and restrict Free Speech on the internet even further) are noteworthy for anyone who is more serious about their video content. It should be noted, however, that video file size on Vimeo is more bandwidth-aware (and therefore environmentally more reasonable) than Youtube’s resource-hungry approach; on the flipside, Vimeo limits storage space for its free Basic Plan users and offers very large total file storage volumes in increments to paid Plus, Pro and Business plan subscribers only. Vimeo’s specific GB-sizes for the respective subscription levels can be found here. In my experience, Vimeo Plus offers the best cost-benefit ratio for advanced use, including paid-for videos or content you want to restrict to some closed user grougs or some particular portions of your content’s or website’s subscriber-groups that you can control and provide with special private links for viewing or similar.

It should also be noted that, unlike Youtube, Vimeo can be integrated with numerous third-party file storage or cloud-storage solutions from OneDrive, DropBox to Google Drive and many others as well as specific application programs like FinalCut Pro, iMovie or Adobe Premiere and mobile apps such as filmora and squarespace. All mentioned applications can make direct exports of converted video files to Vimeo.

Run It All from One Place

We have just discovered a neat tool that allows you to run all your video content from one place and in one unified dashboard — whether or not you are using Youtube, Wix, Vimeo, or a number of other platforms for storing your videos. Everything in just one easy Place!

The name of the game is VideoDashboard, and the solution comes with a wide range of tools and offers everything in place to upload, update or manage all of your videos.

videoDashboard commercial professional integrated suite for video management across different video platforms

We have attached an image of what this looks like in order to give you a first impression right away:

videoDashboard commercial professional integrated suite for video management across different video platforms

And just a quick note in advance that we will test-run this solution in the next few weeks so we can add details about our experience here soon. (Check back on this page here or subscribe to our free newsletter mailing list in order to be notified once the results are in and these updates can be published.)

If you’d rather install and run an easy-to-use package for creating your video clips in a similar way or produce great-looking intros and outros for your videos, then the

established and excellent


(for Mac or Windows) is a great choice for you. (Particularly on a Mac which is so much better…!I use to have this on a MacBook Pro and take it everywhere I go and whenever I need it, even when on the move, whether or not there is internet access.) This is what VideoMakerFX is really good at, and it’s a reason to truly recommend it.

There are also a number of very powerful add-ons available for VideoMakerFX which provide you with an even wider range of tools at your fingertips to make high-quality, appealing video clips. One of these add-ons is the VideoPofitFX toolkit that comes with a unique finder software to locate business customers in need of video as well as extra templates and pre-made clip portions o quickly generate business-friendly videos that sell.

VideoMakerFX create HD videos easily

Take It Even a Step Further

If you want to do even more, there is an innovative tool helping you to rank your videos, once they are uploaded and in place to attract visitors, higher in searches both on video platforms like Youtube or Dailymotion as well as throughout general internet search. (Remember that video is always a crowd-pleaser and ranks better accordingly, with fake-news engines and censorship-pushing platforms like Google disproportionately pushing video content across their internet real estate (which should be limited in order to protect free speech, but that’s another topic)…

These days, and as things are standing now, playing in accordance with Youtube’s and Google’s rules is the closest thing to getting profits quickly — so you may as well comply with their despicable requirements for the time being (but always bear in mind that we need to move forward as an internet-loving community and get rid of those behemoths ASAP).

Ranksnap 3.0 automatic SEO for your offers

To comply and give them what they want, Ranksnap is the flavor-of -the-day and the go-to tool for the time being. It produces all the features you need to have in place to make it big on Google and, when it comes to videos, Youtube and some of the others. Get it here to so for yourself or have another look at more details!