Products/Services Notes Collection

This section contains the

marquixHD Recommendations and Tried-and-Tested Products/Services Collection

which is an archive of notes I am sharing with my audience. It is a personal collection of the best offerings found and scribbled down somewhere in m vast treasure of notes and knowledge: the marquixHD Recommendations and Tried-and-Tested Products/Services Collection that contains invaluable information on Advice and How-Tos that REALLY have worked for me.

Services and Products Helping You, too (just as they helped me)

You may freely use any of these recommended services or products in order o understand what I mean. Each of them is annotated with a brief introduction on why I think they are valuable — they have been for me, and the should be for you, too…!

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Here’s a fast and easy recap or a very

simple jump-list of un-annotated links

if yo prefer to jump in right now or if you want a quick start:

  • Why You'll LOVE the Primal Video Training Programme
  • Robert Kiyosaki & his team on real estate investing, financial education and business skills
  • Introduction to Futures and Options: Ken Roberts, TWMPMM Course and Rich Man’s Secret Novel and Seminar (currently unavailable, except for the novel which is available from most bookselers; check eBay for used course materials that include manuals, video tapes (yes, manufactured back in the 1990s) and audio lectures. I will update this entry if I can locate Ken’s materials in sufficiently good condition for interested readers!
  • Travis Marziani, Starting a Passion Product — Manufacture and Sell through Shopify, Etsy, Amazon or through your own website (coming soon)

Disclosure: I have compiled a comprehensive list that is steadily reviewed and expanded containing the best and most valuable offers I came across during my work as an IT professional, as an investor, and as a photographer/video producer and person constantly expanding my knowledge. As far as available, I have joined affiliate programs for the offerings that I like best, which means that I will receive a commission if you click on one of the links that are affiliate links and buy these products or services. This is completely cost-free for you, and you will receive the same price and any special offers or discounts whether or not you use any of these affiliate links.